About me

Didi Sundiman (林佛佑) is a scholar in the business and management field at Universitas Universal, Batam, Indonesia. He received his Doctoral degree in Doctoral Program for Management Science in Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia. His research interests are Knowledge and Innovation Management, Behavioural science, Business analytics, Big data for business, Business sustainability, and various functional areas of strategic alliances. He has published papers in international journals and as a speaker in many conferences. Currently, Sundiman was the head of the Research Department at the association for Indonesia management lecturer and serves on several national and international journal editorial and advisory boards.

Didi studying Doctor of Management at Universitas Brawijaya in Malang city, Indonesia, and successfully complete the program in 2013 with a research topic in the field of Knowledge Management.

Didi started the learning journey for a Master degree in International Business Management at the Graduate Program IBMT Surabaya, Didi graduated from Master of Management IBMT in 2006 with a Tesis topic in the field of System Dynamic.

In 1999, Didi started his higher education journey at Petra Christian University in the Faculty of Industrial Technology and finished his studies in 2003 with his research in topic Digital Signal Processing.